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It All Starts In The Bathroom


As beautiful and fun as hosting can be, it is also equally stressful and draining. Be it your friends flying in from interstate, a weekend with the in-laws or extended family making a pit-stop, having guests stay over can be hard to navigate.

However, according to House of Rohl’s Stylist and Interior Designer Fiona Gould, having guests come and stay doesn’t’ have to be arduous and she has put together a few simple tips for the guest bathroom your friends or family feel at home any time they visit. 

Tip One – A Designated Space

Before your guests arrive look to empty a drawer or shelf ready for their belongings in your bathroom. By having a space ready and dedicated to your guests, they should immediately feel accommodated and welcomed. This is a simple and thoughtful action you can do anytime someone comes to stay.  

Tip Two – Fresh Flowers

Have fresh florals or greenery set up in the bathroom. This aims to create a fresh and warm space for your guests to re-coup. A small sprig in a vase or a tall plant in the corner of the room is the perfect nod to relaxation.  

Tip Three – Luxurious Fabrics

Look to invest in new towels and roll them up ready for use. There is nothing better than hopping out of a shower into the embrace of a luxurious towel. Undoubtably your guests will appreciate this finer detail and feel at home.  

Tip Four – Create a Sensory Sanctuary

Create a sanctuary for your guests to wind down and rejuvenate. Small things such as adding a candle next to the sink, placing a bath tray on top of the bath and/or adding a stool will allow your guests to feel invited into the space. It will encourage them to relax and enjoy the bathroom whilst away. If you want to spoil this year’s guests or any future guests, you can look to invest in a luxurious bath champagne stand such as the Victoria + Albert Tombolo Bath Rack. It is these small details that will embrace your guests and make them feel at home this Christmas period! 

Tip Five – Make them feel welcome

And finally, now that you’ve created the ultimate sanctuary for your guests encourage them to treat themselves to a soak. Let them know that you’ve already got things set up and ready for use.  

These five easy tweaks tips work wonders and simplify the stresses of having guests come stay. Fiona does warn that the only problem may be that your guests may never want to leave!





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